St. Xavier’s Bangalore offers MBA with specializations in Marketing/ Finance / Human Resources/ Systems. The structure of the program is to provide a comprehensive and competent alternative to professional programs in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Systems with special reference to industry needs. Conventional MBA programs are made of a combination of knowledge-centric courses and their application in the real world. St.Xavier’s recently revamped postgraduate curriculum, on the other hand, uses advanced online tools (like webinars, multimedia lessons, problem solving sessions) to deliver foundational and knowledge-based courses to students. All the students are accompained on a level playing field before specialization begins.


Global MBA is called as the fully loaded MBA Program. Global MBA is an Advanced Degree that teaches International Methods rather than once just relating to particular markets or culture. The beauty of the GLOBAL MBA Program is students will be able to do 2 Months Internship in an foreign country and if they are able to prove themselves they will be absorbed by the company


  • 100 % Placement Guaranteed Training Program
  • Laptop for all students
  • Foreign Tour for all students
  • BEC From Cambridge University
  • 2 Months International Internship*
  • Minimum 15 campus interview exposure to every student
  • English Language Training
  • Foreign Language Training
  • Oracle/ Cisco / SAP & AMFI / NSE Training*
  • Excellent Soft Skills Training by the Industry Experts
  • Adventure Learning Program & Personality development program
  • Business attire and university registration fee included

Specializations for MBA Global

Major Specialisations Skill specific Specialisations (Major)* Industry Specific Specialisations (Major)*
2. Finance
3. Human Resources
4.Banking Finance & Insurance
5. Healthcare
6. Startups & SME
1. Data Science (Core Analytics)
2. Business Analytics
3. Information Security & Cyber Forensics
4. Digital Marketing & Marketing Automation
5. Sales & Customer Management
6. Financial Analytics & Engineering
7. HR Analytics & Technologies
8. Supply Chain & Logistics Management
9. Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation
10. Small Business Management
11. Retail
12. Hospitality
13. Real Estate
14. Media
15. Pharmaceutical

Eligibility & Duration

Eligibility: Aggregate 50% marks in graduation from any recognized University.

Duration:2 Year fulltime programme.

Fee Structure


GLOBAL MBA Programme Fees (for INDIAN Nationals)

GLOBAL MBA (Programme Fee)
Global MBA
1st Year Tuition Fee
Rs. 250000/-/-
2st Year Tuition Fees
Total (for 2 Years)
Rs. 490000/-